Five Things To Know When Selling Your Home In A Buyers Market

Dated: 07/23/2018

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Five Things To Know When Selling Your Home in A Buyers Market

  1. Pricing, As Agents we study the market in Macro and Micro down to your neighborhood & Street. We prepare a comparative market analysis to value your home. We also recommend to our clients to purchase an appraisal by a licensed appraiser. The cma and the appraisal may differ, but a range will be established and from there we can determine the proper pricing.

  2. Competition. We look at the homes in your neighborhood for  sale, sold, and pending that are similar to yours, determine what the competition is and find a way to make your home the top home buyers must see when looking in your neighborhood.

  3. Prepare. We Prepare you the owner’s & The home for the current market condition. There are three conditions Buyers,Neutral, and Sellers Market. Each of these market require different strategies and expectations.

  4. Inspect. In Southwest Florida’s current buyers market you can’t afford surprises and by surprises I mean everything. It’s worth it to have a professional home inspector go through your home so you will know if there are any issues that need to be fixed. The reason we are in a hugh buyers market is partly because of the new construction. Even though they may not be right in your neighborhood they are still taking buyers  with incentives and new home appeal. If new construction is your competition then you are competing with some large publicly traded companies that must perform for shareholders. That means you have to be as brand new as possible. Once you know what needs to be repaired you can make a plan to repair it all or choose the most important things to fix. If The A/C and Major appliances have a short life expectancy you may want to consider replacing them also. Your beautiful home in the  established neighborhood in the right school zone, will look a whole lot more attractive.

  5. Marketing.  Paradigms have shifted in all industries with a major focus to online and social media as the drivers. Here’s the insider truth, when you are in a sellers market or a neutral market the tradtional methods still work pretty well. But with a Huge Buyers Market more must be done to get your home exposed to potential buyers. Social Media has given rise to Target Marketing and it is estimated that less than 5%  of agents utilize this resource to market their properties for sale and fewer do it correctly. A typical open house may reach 7-8 people. A $100.00 social media ad will reach 132,000 people, not just people, but targeted people who have the financial means and are interested in purchasing real estate like yours. We recently sold a home that was listed for 8 months by another firm, it was priced properly but under exposed. We sold the home in 21 days. We exposed the property to masses of people who were interested and qualified to buy.

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