7 Reasons To Use A REALTOR® When Purchasing A New Construction Home In Naples Or Southwest Florida

Dated: 05/08/2019

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Talking about new construction and why you should use a realtor for your purchase.

Its one thing to buy new car from a dealer unrepresented.

But its a whole other thing to buy a home from a large national builder or even a small custom builder.

A home is an investment!


What we do at the Risher Team is we help you identify the communitites that are a match for you. In Naples alone we are closing in on nearly 100 new communites and even more small custom builders!  Imagine shopping for a home,finding a home model you like only to find out later that the rules of the community do not allow you to park your car outside of your garage at night. Ever. We Rule out communities that have crazy restrictions that you dont want! Dont even get me started on pets. Some hoa's are asking for pets DNA before you can be approved.

The Risher Team will save you time!

Two  We will advise you on what builder upgrades you must do and ones you should not. What builders have the best incentives. Were gonna save you money!


We will advise you on what lot to buy and what exposure will build your equity the fastest. We going to help you build equity, are goal is for your new home to be worth more at completion than the price you contracted it for! Were going to help you build equity


Its you and the builder and you’re all alone, builders contracts are 75+ pages long and are all about protecting the builder. We protect you with the power of our national brokerage and attorneys. We represent you and protect you


We are with you every step of the process from start to finish. We communicate with you during the construction. should you not be able to be here during we will keep you updated by photos, videos, emails with video, facetime, whatsapp, or however is best for you to communicate We believe in technology We are High Tech And High Touch. We communicate with you!


The Risher Team is two for you and two for one,if you havent met my wife erin yet she is the broker of our team. For eleven years she was a top case manager for a large personal injury attorney in florida, her job was negotiating as much money from insurance companies as she could get for her clients. She has the same passion for helping our clients purchase their dream home and walk in it with equity. Can't wait for you to meet her!


Our services are free and we will save you time and money.  In Florida all commissions are paid by the selling party,Individual or Institutional.

Let me Recap

The Risher Team will save you time and money, protect you, represent you, we communicate with you and we help you build equity. Cost for this to you is Zero.

We appreciate you business, if your going into the new communities looking at a new homes. Please tell them you are working with Doug & Erin The Risher Team(they know us) when you do this you will immediately balance the power.  Your are a client for life with the Risher Team where it's all about you. Call us right away we are looking forward to meeting you. 239-825.3696 or email: risherteam@gmail.com

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