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Feb. 8, 2020

South Naples Communites Home Inventory Declining.Fiddlers Creek,Lely,Verona Walk

Southeast Naples Communities Home Inventory Is Getting Low!! Lely,Fiddlers Creek,Verona Walk,

For The Past 5 Years Almost all communities in Naples And SWFL for that matter has been experiencing a buyers market. The Year 2019 has wiped out the excess inventory of homes on the market. 2020 is ushering in a new market in seems and if all trends stay the way we are headed it will be a sellers market for 2020. Home sellers will have the advantage and you just might get the price you're asking for your home.



Feb. 7, 2020

Naples Florida Home Inventory Low Island Walk & Village Walk Lower Is It Time To Sell

Naples Home Inventory Levels Live Graph

Naples Home Inventory levels are declining, which means home prices are naturally starting to tick up. Island Walk & Village Walk home inventory levels are even lower, which means now is the right time to sell your Island Walk Or Village Walk Home. The graph below is a live graph so when you come back to it the data will be fresh tomorrow or next year! Use our instant home value tool to get the current market price of your home right here.

The Risher Team's Instant Home Value Tool



Feb. 7, 2020

Southwest Florida Naples New Construction Buyers Incentives And Inventory Search


Search All New Construction Homes & Communities Right Here! 

New Incentives For New Home Buyers

Purchase A New Home Using The Risher Team As Your Agent, You will get your choice of a guided trip to the everglades or the ten thousand islands. Now you can just look at the sights or get as up close to the nature as you like. Both these trips are privately guided trips for two. This includes everything needed including,food,refreshments and even sunscreen. Both these trips are valued at 1000$ each. You will not believe what you will see on either one of these trips. We hope to see you on one or both of these special once in a lifetime privately guided tours.


Search Brand New Homes & Communities


Feb. 7, 2020

The Everglades Invaders Burmese Pythons

The Enemy Of The Everglades

I have lived my whole life here in southwest Florida and I have seen many many changes. Naples is literally the last city before you hit the everglades.  In fact you have to drive across the everglades  on a road called Alligator Alley to get to the east coast, Ft.Lauderdale, Miami. I have seen many changes but this change is the most damaging one I have seen.  The invasion of the Burmese Pythons to the everglades and the surrounding, swamps and woods. We are now seeing them encroach on our communities. In the picture below I am the fourth person in from the left. On this day a small group of people are learning about how to catch and eliminate pythons from the environment. I am a living witness to the destruction that is happening to the everglades ecosystem. These predators are apex predators which means once they get large they are unstoppable.  The small pythons are somewhat vulnerable to alligators and birds of prey. These pythons eat everything, birds,turtles,fish,mammals large and small and even alligators. I have been fortunate to enjoy the everglades and its animal wonders but now its time for everyone to join in and help defeat this enemy of the everglades.

Doug Risher



Jan. 16, 2020

Golden Gate Estates Home Prices UP Inventory At 5 Year Lows! Get Your Instant Home Value Here!


Get The Value Of Your Golden Gate Estates Home Here! Instantly!

It's a game changer now, we are moving to a sellers market here in many neighborhoods. Golden Gate Estates is one of the them. Get your homes value in Golden Gate Estates or for anywhere in the S.W.FL area by clicking the link above. Call or text  239.825.3696 with questions or for more information.


Dec. 3, 2019

FSBO's Must Use Target Marketing To Sell Their Homes

Target Marketing


What Is Target Marketing?

Target marketing is like advertising but more concentrated. In order to target market you must first know who you want to target.  In this case we are talking about a home or your home. For example, lets say that your home is located in a golf community with a championship golf course with a big name golf architect like Arthur Hills or Pete Dye or Greg Norman. Your home is valued between 500k & 600k.

1. First identify who is the most likely type of people who would buy a home in your community. Think about who your neighbors are where they come from and how old are they. If they work where do they work.  Are your neighbors retired,families,executives, etc.

Let's for this example say that they are mostly retired 65 plus years old and come from the midwest,northeast and Canada. this is not their primary home.

2. We now have a target market and general idea of who may be the next owner of your home. The target market would be: 

     A.  Male & Female

     B. 65+ Years Old

     C. Come From The Northeast US or Midwest,Canada

     D. Visited or Interested In Naples Florida

     E. Interested in Retirement Planning or They Are Retired

     F. Interested in Real Estate or Second Home

3. Target Audience

We have determined a target audience now its time to target market to the target audience. The world has changed and in every part of the modern day life we can see technology making differences in the lives of people. Who can ignore the impact of Social Media such as Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn,Tumblr,Pinterest,Instagram. For For Sale By Owners, and people looking to sell your home on your own we are going to address one platform and that is Facebook. You can do this on your own, I am writing this blog because I know this to be true. Facebook has about 2 Billion users worldwide and it is the platform that is easiest to connect to your target audience. Marketing to a target audience is not hard yet only one half of one percent of realtors or real estate professional use this technique.

   Things You Will Need!

1. Pictures of your home

2. Create an Descriptive Ad using your pictures,  luxury home overlooking the golf course etc. Or maybe take a picture of your home looking out from the breakfast nook you might say imagine watching the golfers play this amazing championship course designed by Pete Dye. You will need highlight what made you buy the home and what you love about the home.

3. Facebook Ad Interface: Once you've laid out what you would like to say about your home you can then logon to Facebook. You will need to create a page you can advertise from or a business page it is very easy to do and can be done in a few steps. You will need to give Facebook a credit card, but this is the most inexpensive way to advertise your home to the masses of people who are most likely to buy your home.

4. Place your ad: When you start your ad process you will be able to pick all the available demographics that we have determined to be in your target audience. You should do a test and should not spend more than $100.00 to start. You can spend as little as $20.00


I would like to show you an example of a target marketing campaign we ran last year. This home below was on the market for 10 months listed for sale by a realtor we call Joey the family man who advertises his real estate business on tv. The home was priced perfectly so what was the problem. The problem is this realtor did not market this home he marketed himself and his services. We were referred by someone who used us and knew how we used target marketing to get the home in front of the most likely potential buyers. We got the listing and we knew it was priced right it just was not being marketed properly. We got better pictures for the home and then we determined the proper target audience and marketed accordingly. We sold this home for the asking price in 21 days from the time we got it.

If you have any questions about target marketing or selling your home, I welcome your call and will honestly give you my opinion of your neighborhood and local market. We are on your side and will help you anyway we can. We fight hard for our customers and help save and protect their hard earned equity. We work on referrals and the only way you can get referrals is by doing a great job, going above and beyond. Please check out our testimonials on zillow,or on our page. Target marketing gets easy the more you do it, it also allows us to collect a large number of potential buyers. If you need any help or should the time come when you may consider using a realtor please know we will not let you down. We will work hard to get your testimonials and referal and we will target market your home like a true professional marketer.

Doug Risher

Premier Sotheby's International Realty

Naples, Florida





Dec. 2, 2019

Sandcastle Competition

Nov. 30, 2019

2020 Naples Florida Homes Sellers Guide

2020 Naples Florida Home Sellers Guide



Pricing, As Agents we study the market in Macro and Micro down to your neighborhood & Street. We prepare a comparative market analysis to value your home. We recommend to our clients to purchase an appraisal by a licensed appraiser. The cma and the appraisal may differ, a range will be established and from there you will be able to determine the proper pricing.


Competition. We look at the homes in your neighborhood for  sale, sold, and pending that are similar to yours, determine what the competition is and find a way to make your home the top home buyers must see when looking in your neighborhood.


Prepare. We Prepare you the owner’s & The home for the current market conditions. There are three conditions Buyers,Neutral, and Sellers Market. Each of these markets require different strategies and expectations. Staging is important in a hugh buyers market, your home must be prepared for the current buyers. If your home’s competition is new construction communities with furnished models. Staging your home with current trends will help. We have a free staging program, call us for more information on that.


Inspect. In Southwest Florida’s current buyers market you can’t afford surprises and by surprises I mean everything. It’s worth it to have a professional home inspector go through your home so you will know if there are any issues that need to be fixed. The reason we are in a hugh buyers market is partly because of the new construction. Even though they may not be right in your neighborhood they are still taking buyers  with incentives and new home appeal. If new construction is your competition then you are competing with some large publicly traded companies that must perform for shareholders. That means you have to be as brand new as possible. Once you know what needs to be repaired you can make a plan to repair it all or choose the most important things to fix.  If The A/C and Major appliances have a short life expectancy you may want to consider replacing them also. Your beautiful home in the  established neighborhood in the right school zone, will look a whole lot more attractive. The other option you have is to disclose all imperfections and price your home accordingly.


Marketing.  Paradigms have shifted in all industries with a major focus to online and social media as the drivers. Here’s the insider truth, when you are in a sellers market or a neutral market the traditional methods still work pretty well. But with a Huge Buyers Market more must be done to get your home exposed to potential buyers. Social Media has given rise to Target Marketing and it is estimated that less than .5%  of agents utilize this resource to market their properties for sale and fewer do it correctly. A typical open house may reach 7-8 people. A $100.00 social media ad will reach 132,000 people, not just people, but targeted people who have the financial means and are interested in purchasing real estate like yours. We recently sold a home that was listed for 8 months by another firm, it was priced properly but under exposed. We sold the home in 21 days. We exposed the property to masses of people who were interested and qualified to buy.


Questions about southwest florida real estate or other Contact The Risher Team Today! If you are from another part of the country we welcome your text or calls, if you need help we can get you to one our Sotheby's International Agents to help you with your local search or property sale.

Best Regards,

239-825.3696 Doug Risher


Nov. 14, 2019

Welcome To AmazingNaplesHomes.Com

Nov. 7, 2019

Secret List Of Homes Not On The MLS

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